My name is Christopher Cushman, and I am a sophomore at Rutgers University.

I am an Information Technology and Informatics major with a minor in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

Everything about IT interests me. I am currently passionate about server management, networking, and web development.


I am currently working on three projects. They are all PHP web applications. I chose to stick to web applications because they challenge me to use multiple languages (jQuery, CSS, SQL, etc.) during development.

Click on one of the links below to learn more.

FRC Signin

A simple user management system intended for robotics teams (but can be used by anyone!


An easy to install Minecraft server management system.

Easy Sign In

Create an account, register a team, and sign in users in minutes.


If you would like to read my resume, you can find it here. I also have some code hosted on my GitHub which you can find here.